>> 2019-06-26


2018 Russia World Cup approaches to the hot June
How to make use of the quadrennial global big IP to convey the brand image of Meituan Take-out And to present its value to each consumer is the greatest challenge of Meituan Take-out in the World Cup campaign 


Release Meituan Take-out's significant video regarding World Cup
Each uniform of Wang Yusheng has recorded his love and pursuit for football. Today, he will wear the new uniform of Meituan Take-out
This time, he's not cheering for his beloved football team, but trying his best to support every person who loves football
Combine the World Cup with take-out business ingeniously with the help of the hero's transformation on identity, thus to convey the idea that everyone has his role in the World Cup
Meituan Take-out will always support your love! 


The World Cup Video and KV of Meituan Take-out are released simultaneously
Obtain good results by cross-platform promotion with both traditional media and digital media
It not only develops the brand popularity of Meituan Take-out during the World Cup but also achieve a win-win situation for reputation and user liveliness 


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