>> 2019-06-26


On Mothers' Day, when each big brand is taking efforts to make a presence, JD.COM launches an exclusive and high-quality TVC with correct values, which develops the brand favorability and promotes its concept of "to love right now". Make a strong combination between brand, festival marketing and emotional marketing, in association with the all-for-one strategic scenario resources, create an integrated promotion on JD.COM's brand value, and increase popularity and promotion within JD.COM website. 


We make the time visible in the form of film and observe a mother's getting old within one day in the perspective of her son.
To remind the audience through the living attitude and quality of the mother in her different ages--
To love right now!
Trigger users' heartfelt interaction with an exclusive topic tag regarding Mothers' Day on Weibo.
Completely cover the scenario channels of consumers from online to offline.
Enable the fans economy and activate deep communication and interaction with young people. 


The entire battle for promotion is covered by all-for-one scenario resources, and brings about growth on the reputation of the brand and sales.
In the circle of friends on Wechat, the rate of interacting and clicking on the video hits 1.8% (it is only second to JD.COM Fathers' Day in the sector of card advertisement since 2018, )
Video exposure 4758W   
Video view counts 1911W 
Video playing cost 0.04 Yuan
The total UV view of Mothers' Day section is 1805W, increasing 86% on a year-on-year basis. 

The high-quality content plays a leading role in promoting Mothers' Day activities. 



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