>> 2019-06-17


As a high-end sub brand of Budweiser, Supreme once launched in 2014, however had low popularity because of unclear positioning and less brand communication


Bud Supreme defined its positioning, and relaunched in 2018. To gain more awareness, we introduced a new concept “Single Malt” and aims at be No1. In its category.

How did we break through the tight encirclement? We thought that no one was born leader. We have to fight for the leading position against our competitors.  So we came up with our idea “There are two kinds of beer, Single Malt and the rest”. To show our confidence, we challenged our competitors in a humorous way, putting our OOH ads right next to competitors’ ads.

CHEF NIC, endorses Bud Supreme, as our brand ambassador. He tells us that there are not only two kinds of beer, but also two kinds of drinkers. Supreme drinkers and the rest. From celebrity to consumers, we encouraged people to express their “unique-self” via our H5.

Moreover, KOLs joined us to generate more social discussion. Interestingly, after issuing our manifesto #There are two kinds of brands#, many big brands spontaneously interacted with us and further amplified our brand buzz online.


Total exposure: 20,261,835+person-time
Weibo engagement: 100,000+
Wechat views: 1,510,332+
Dazhongdianping exposure: 164,136,372; clicks: 599,268


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