>> 2019-06-14


The coffee delivery market is fast growing, but the quality is out of control.
MaCcafe on the way launch the delivery service with high quality called gold standard to the consumer,
How we enhance the awareness of the delivery, which make the coffee never drop off any.


Base on the patent anti-sprinkling gold cover, we launched the campaign :
From heaven to the ground, locking the gold standard.
Exaggerating the way in the unexpected situation, by crane,by train bumpy, we can can do the no drop off and make sure consumers enjoy the golden quality of coffee.


The whole campaign cross the online and offline media, with the  traditional and digital way,
which brought a double growth in word of mouth and sales volume.
• Mai coffee applet added users: 10,000+
• Coupon use: increase 1.8X
• Shanghai Comp visitors increased by 32.4% 


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