>> 2019-06-14


In 2018 China still failed to qualify for the World Cup. How to ignite passion of the Chinese fans without China National Team and stand out among various World Cup promotions, how to bring about positive value to society is the biggest challenge for AB Inbev.


China failed to attend the World Cup while the Chinese fans could’t miss it. We decide to connect the social media and World Cup stadium. We sent a subtle message on LED screen to cheer up for Team China that only the Chinese could understand and be proud of. Meanwhile, Budweiser launched a limited edition can and donated all proceeds to China youth football.


Budweiser transformed stadium billboards into #RiseUp2022, cheering for Team China. Converted 100 million Chinese from influencers to die hard fans, rebirthed soccer in Chinese hearts. During the World Cup, 62% of all World Cup conversation in China referred to the campaign making Budweiser the No.1 brand of the World Cup in China.


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