Business Analytics

Providing results analysis, strategies, and optimization recommendations which form a factual basis for developing marketing strategies

Communication Result Forecast

Predicting the communication effect from marketing communication campaigns in terms of brand, communication, and contact with the target population, and provide results analysis and suggestions for optimization

Communication Strategy

Determining marketing communication issues based on marketing insight, and provide data-driven strategies for communication with the target population

Data Driven Marketing Insight

Providing a practical basis for developing marketing strategies with data-driven behavioral trajectories and psychological insights for the target population, and analysis of business preferences and brand recognition

Data Driven Marketing Campaign

Communication concepts are implemented which truly measure the influence of communication on companies and brands

Smart Execution

Achieving a truly measurable communication influence for companies and brands by integrating experts in all areas of digital marketing, and by the efficient and high-quality implementation of creative communication ideas

Communication Ideas

Inspiring creative communication ideas through data and insight, and apply them to various communication platforms and communication environments

Insightful Creative

Providing marketing communication ideas and produce communication materials based on insights from both experience and data

Audience Targeting & Programmatic Advertising

Helping you pinpoint the most effective ad spaces and achieve control over the places where your brand advertises

Dynamic Retargeting

Audience retargeting dynamically tracks your audience, recaptures their interest, and brings them back. Redirection technology and audience segmentation are not merely one-off measures. Dynamic retargeting solutions can be created for audiences at the individual level, according to the specific campaign and the needs of different time periods

Cross-Device Targeting

The fragmentation of the new media landscape makes it more difficult to reach the target audience, and providing them with a seamless cross-device experience is one of the biggest challenges. A cross-device targeting solution makes a user's online experience more relevant and enjoyable by controlling the message frequency and consistency for all devices

Private Marketplace

PMP solutions provide you with priority access to premium ad space, give you precision placement of your ads, and make purchases based on your choices. Brand safety measures and all real-time audience targeting techniques in RTB can be easily used while managing all transactions

Programmatic Direct Buy

The Trading Desk programmed direct purchasing solution automates the execution of transactions. In addition to ensuring brand safety, the return on investment is further increased through real-time analytics, with the proper ad materials being delivered to the right target audience

Real-time Open Market Auctions

Starting from the actual needs of the consumers, we provide one-stop CRM solutions for strategic consulting, technological development, and data applications, building an effective CRM platform for business owners, which supports business decision-making and enhances the consumer’s brand experience

Data Management Platform

Audience segmentation identifies your ideal population, and finds people who are similar to existing customers. Data integration is implemented to make critical smart decisions

Data Integration

180 DMP effectively integrates the accumulated device and click effect data, social platform user content data, brand CRM data, e-commerce platform data and third-party user label data during advertising. It provides data basis for real-time decision-making based on population segmentation

Lookalike Audience

Lookalike audiences expansion technology enables a small number of groups extend to a wider range of similar characters audiences, so as to expand the advertising audiences and clients resources

Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation will help the client and platforms understand the target audiences’ behaviors, interests and media preferences, then uses machine learning and AI technology to improve target audiences’ concentration, so as to help increase the rate of ROI


Providing integrated solutions for JD, Tmall, internal platforms, and other electronic retail channels

JZT Operation

Providing professional staff and technology, appling JiuShu and some kinds of data, working together with 180 owns data experience, according to the JingZhunTong platform locks internal and external audiences groups, help JD platforms realizes higher standards sales conversion rate than the average rate

E-Commerce Promotion

According to the e-commerce big background, relying on the data analysis, customizating promotion context and strategy; openning the internal and external channels,enlarging the resources, promoting transforming, combining with brand image, realizing the integration of quality and efficiency

MCN(Multi-Channel Network) Agency

Offering cooperation chances with different kinds of stars, helping brands sell products, starting social media marketing, transfer fans’ economic and some kinds of marketing strategies which based on the content and fans’ interested content

Store Operation Assistant

According to the data analysis, offering shop diagnosis, activities and operation strategies, in order to support the brand realizing KPI

Engagement Consulting

We use data analysis and big can development as the engine driving the creation of a unique consumer experience, to attract more consumers and increase their value


Professional digital platform planning and user-experience strategy consulting services embed experience design between users and brand products and services, provide a layout for your brand’s digital assets and ecology, and satisfy your business needs by improving user experience


Starting from the actual needs of the consumers, we provide one-stop CRM solutions for strategic consulting, technological development, and data applications, building an effective CRM platform for business owners, which supports business decision-making and enhances the consumer’s brand experience


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