The polarization pattern of e-commerce has become obvious. For the Double Eleven Day sales event, it was necessary to follow the general trend of upgrading consumption, combined with JD’s own core advantages, to build JD’s positioning for Double Eleven Day.


Fine goods were energized by “Choosing”, creating super symbols, forming unique competitive barriers for JD, and occupying the minds of consumers.  In the layout, the brand comes first, and the promotion follows. “Choose Fine Goods”, and thus the “Go to JD” TVC comes first, expanding the potential energy of the concept. “We are ready” with Red Preparation is what all JD employees want to say about this Double Eleventh Day, and JD cooperated with numerous well-known brands, exhibiting the power of strong IP aggregation, followed by the sales promotions of Member Plus Day, Super Seckill Day, Goddess Day, Discount Coupon Day, and Ace Endorsement H5. Through “Pick Fine Goods”, a wonderful journey to fine goods started for this Double Eleven Day event.

>>This Campaign Includes

JD:2017 JD HONGDONG Strategy in Double Eleven Day

JD: Choicing Quality Products, Shopping on JD


  The total sales exceeded 100 billion RMB for the first time, and as of 24:00 on Double Eleven Day, the gross   turnover reached 127,104,861,239 RMB.


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