>> 2017-12-21


As the application with the largest user scale, even though it is expanding the elderly user scale, WeChat still faced the problem of the elderly not knowing how to use WeChat functions. The challenge became finding a breakthrough point for the strong barriers faced in changing the user experience of elderly users.


The small program tutorial developed by the Business Division of WeChat was used as a cornerstone for the functions, and a video entitled Listen to Mom and Dad played by the elderly in real life was launched, which both instilled the core demands of the elderly into young people and aroused social concern. A hip-hop style Listen to Mom and Dad echoing the Rap of China show was extremely popular in the summer, and used a rap style that young people like, while allowing for the older generations including parents to express both their poor adaptation to the difficulties brought by high technology and their expectations. Familiar scenes and clever copywriting wrote all the functions of WeChat into the lyrics without being heavy-handed. It was an excellent expression of the living conditions and thinking of the parents. It was also very touching because it was very close to ordinary life.


Listen to Mom and Dad was broadcasted over 100 million times on the first day launched, and its content and topics were read over 200,000 times, which helped increase the number of WeChat users to exceed 980 million.


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