>> 2017-12-21


Amidst the numerous and disorderly promotional environments surrounding November 11, how can a company stand out in this e-commerce carnival atmosphere, and strive to generate more exposure and flow for Midea refrigerators? The refrigerator is a product that is often used and not often bought. Consumers don’t have a strong experiential feeling during use. The challenge became showing the product advantages of the Midea refrigerator brand 


  We used emotional communication as the main line and started from "warm" scenes of family life, which resonated     with users and generated active discussion. We used diversified interpretations to break spatial barriers,and       led users to immersively experience the "fresh life" the Midea refrigerator created for them. The theme of         “Cold freshness and warm love” from ordinary life accurately summarized the relationship between the product's     function and the consumer’s demand. At the same time, the image of a thoughtful refrigerator rich with internal     monologues was created.


During the promotion of the campaign, the launch of a series of social topics quickly generated very active buzz on social media. The “Buy for your family during November 11” initiative strongly touched the people. The H5 pioneered  C4D style created an immersive experience, with the average user stay time being nearly 5 minutes. During the November  11 sales event, Midea refrigerator e-commerce sales reached a new high, breaking their sales record with a growth rate  of 300%.


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